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We believe humans write & design better than AI.

Do you?

Our Talent:

✔ Confirmed university graduates


✔ One wage for writers & designers respectively


✔ Trained to work on any project

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How it works:


Employer posts a writing OR a design project

Talent submit proposals

NOTE: Freelancers should always input the exact same price they see on a project. If a project says "$400" as the price, then they should enter that as their price. Days to complete should always be 30.


Employer initiates chat

Employers can message any freelancer that has applied to their project. This is an opportunity for both parties to understand if they can work together.


Employer deposits funds & makes a hire

Either U$400 for writing OR U$1,200 for design services.

Each project should last for a month.

Give instructions


After the work is done...

The employer marks the project as complete.

If there's an issue...

At any stage, both the freelancer or employer can raise a dispute for our mediation team to intervene to resolve an issue.


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Freelancer withdraws their funds




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