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Book Editor and Slam Poet ???? | Fiction & Non-Fiction Ghostwriter ✍???? | Remote startup publisher specialising in assisting new authors with publishing their work

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???? Hello there, I’m Happiness and I am an editor as well as a full-time writer! I am passionate about artistic and engaging expression through words, business entrepreneurship, digital marketing, mental health empowerment, and the publishing industry as a whole. I seek opportunities that advocate learning and inspire growth as well as spaces that encourage teamwork. I am a fast learner, which is an asset in the eyes of most, and some of the titles I carry are: 1) As a freelance editor and writer, I edit and curate different kinds of content for various clients. Some of the projects I’ve worked on involved the creation of articles, blogs, eBooks, and fiction and non-fiction novels. Through this, I have learned the skill of delivering quality work in a short time frame, and I tend to work well under pressure. 2) As a social media manager, I help individuals grow their social media platforms through my broad knowledge and study of digital marketing. I served as the social media manager of the Poetry Society at the University of Cape Town in 2023 as a result of my experience in digital marketing and my deep love for poetry. 3) As a spoken word performer, I use my public speaking skills to share my personal art through words to provide healing and therapy for my listeners as well as myself. Through various leadership positions, I have learned to be confident while speaking publicly and I enjoy performing different pieces in front of people. 4) As a diversity, inclusion, and mental health advocate, I use my social media platforms, my spoken word performances, and my personal writing works to spread awareness surrounding topics on diversity, inclusion, and mental health. Feel free to send me a job invite if you're looking for an efficient and reliable freelancer. :)

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