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Recent graduate with a passion for research, writing, and meticulous data entry. Eager to apply academic skills to real-world projects and deliver high-quality results. Academic background in Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering with a focus on in-depth research projects and effective written communication. Proven ability to synthesize information and present findings in a clear and engaging manner. As an entry-level freelancer, I bring fresh perspectives and a strong work ethic. Detail-oriented and committed to meeting project deadlines. Open to freelance opportunities to contribute research, writing, and data entry skills. Excited to collaborate on projects that require a diligent and dedicated approach.

Ready to contribute to your projects with enthusiasm and professionalism!

Recent Projects


Metallurgy Student Intern

  • Freda Rebecca Gold Mine
  • January 8, 2018 - November 22, 2018

I was an intern in the metallurgy department where I was responsible for the following duties: 1. Assisted in collecting and analyzing data related to gold ore samples, metal concentrations, and metallurgical processes. 2. Prepare ore samples for testing and analysis. 3. Designed, developed and optimized metallurgical process flow and process documentation. 4. Carried out process modelling and simulations for improving the plant. 5. Contributed to research and development projects that aimed at improving metallurgical processes. 6. Carried out design and pilot testing of mineral processing routes. 7. Performed overall mass balances over the plant.


  • –Scientific and Industrial Research Development

As an enumerator I was responsible for carrying out the following duties 1.Carried out surveys on the Micro, Small to Medium Enterprises in all the ten provinces in Zimbabwe. 2. Reviewed the major needs and constraints to the development of MSMEs in Zimbabwe. 3. Assessed the impact of systemic (including covid-19 pandemic) and idiosyncratic shocks on the performance of MSMEs. 4. Assisted the respondents in questionnaire interpretation and completion. 5. Reviewed and ensured the quality of the information collected prior to data entry. 6. Entered the data collected into the data entry base in a timely manner 7. Filed all the questionnaires completed and handed them over to the Accountability Officer.

Educational Details

Msc in Metallurgical Engineering

  • University of Namibia
  • January 22, 2023 - continue

I am currently pursuing my masters degree in Metallurgical Engineering at University of Namibia. I am focusing on the research of optimizing copper recovery in mining industries.

Chemical and Process Systems Engineering

  • Harare Institute of Technology
  • August 10, 2015 - October 27, 2019

I currently hold a BTech Honours degree in Chemical and Process Systems Engineering from Harare Institute of Technology.

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