What kind of marketing content can freelancers on Dollar Talent create?

Freelancers on Dollar Talent are amazingly good at writing and designing content for prices that are just as mind blowing as their skills! You can hire writers for $5 per hour on Dollar Talent and designers for $15 per hour. It doesn’t take much time to realize our talent’s amazing quality which you can taste by purchasing 80 hours of work with either a writer or a designer. 

Before you meet a freelancer on Dollar Talent and work with them, we must introduce you to some of our freelancers and celebrate their creative skills with you! Let’s get right to doing that!


Writing projects

We would like to introduce you to the first writer hired on our platform, Yonela Mabi. Yonela is from Johannesburg, South Africa where she is studying for her master’s degree in Journalism and Media Studies. 

As a part-time commitment, she works 20 hours a week for JustKindlebooks.com & Booksliced.com. They are both book review sites and customers of Dollar Talent. These two blogs are focused on writing great SEO articles to attract readers and in turn customers for the books and devices discussed on the respective blogs. 


Our writers have also worked on other interesting projects like technical writing for SaaS user documentation support articles. 

This kind of writing is focused on explaining SaaS products to users whenever they need customer support assistance. It creates an efficient self-help experience for users when they struggle with a product. 



Writing projects on Dollar Talent can also focus on: 



  • Email copywriting
  • Transcription
  • Academic writing
  • Editing
  • Ebooks
  • Blogging

Design projects

You can create designed content with freelancers on our marketplace. Designing great content and a brand image is crucial to succeeding despite the marketing strategy you are busy implementing. 


You can work on a variety of projects on our platform. Including the following: 

  • Videos for your software or app
  • YouTube thumbnails
  • Infographics
  • Brand design
  • Video editing
  • Animations 
  • Logo design
  • Digital ads

Videos for your software or app

Videos can be a crucial part of your marketing plan especially when they are designed to showcase how your software delivers value to users.

YouTube thumbnails

If you are serious about growing an audience on YouTube, our freelancers can help you design stunning YouTube thumbnails for your YouTube channel. They are also ready to help prepare variations for effective A/B testing.

Video editing

Forget YouTube thumbnails, you can hire video editors like Katlego Chepape who is what we call a ”Swiss army knife” designer. 


Katlego is not only skilled with Adobe Premiere Pro for editing videos, but he is also a talented illustrator, After Effects aficionado, and Photoshop artist.


 We also have a video editor by the name of Austin Rossouw, who has this amazing video portfolio showcasing all his multimedia design work: 

Austin is also a “Swiss army knife” designer capable of handling just about anything you can put your mind to. 

Brand and logo design

Brand and logo design is a matter of understanding the essence of your product or service as a business. We have talent capable of immersing themselves in your value proposition to create the brand or logo that best suits your business. 

One of our expert brand and logo designers is a creative by the name of Boas. S https://www.behance.net/boassihwanya

Digital ads

Digital ads are an increasingly important design asset class. You need stunning ads when you decide to do paid advertising on any digital platform. Whether it be on Meta, Twitter, or Google AdSense, you need stunning designs. 


Infographics are a way to convey data and statistics in a visually appealing way. You can assign infographic design projects on Dollar Talent.

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